Becoming a Referee

Please email one of the RSRA Assignors if you have any questions.

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1.Go to

2.Select a course then follow the prompts on the screen.


The first email address that you enter in your profile is where all the class emails will be sent. Please make sure that it is the one that you use all the time and check regularly.

Note: If you are 18 or older you will automatically have a Risk Management (KidSafe) search performed on you when you finish the registration form.

Low enrollment or inclement weather may cause us to cancel or postpone a clinic. If the clinic you are planning to attend has less than 12 people on the roster or its location may encounter poor weather conditions, PLEASE CHECK THE CLINIC LISTING AND YOUR EXACT CLINIC FOR UPDATED NOTICES BEFORE YOU HEAD OUT TO THE VENUE. This is especially important if your drive to a clinic location will be far.