Assessment & Upgrade


CSL has been granted Top Division 1 status by the State Referee Association. That means that Division A games can be used for up to Grade 5 upgrade and maintenance assessments. If you are a current Grade 6 or Grade 5, the Fall is a great opportunity to start working on your maintenance assessments. If you are a Grade 8, Grade 7, or Grade 6 interested in moving up, it is also in your best interests to start early. Please contact Kris Kintzel or Ken Bruette if you need assessments.  They can pair you with appropriate games and crewmates. This is particularly important for upgrading when you need to have an AR assessment on a match with a Referee also being assessed. You are strongly advised not wait until the Spring to start your assessment journey. Rain, reschedules, and conflicts combined to push them to the 11th hour in June. If possible, get as much done in the Fall as you can and then use the Spring as a backup!


For more information go to the Metro DC-Virginia State Referee Program site.  If you have any questions for registration, recertification, or upgrades please do not hesitate to contact Kris Kintzel.  The process isn’t always clear and some interpretation is often necessary.