Dan Phillips

I have been an active member of RSRA since 2009 when I began my referee career.  Before that, I had served as a soccer head coach in Spotsylvania County Parks & Rec for 22 soccer teams (boys and girls), as well as eight different travel teams competing for FASA (now FFC).  I also coached numerous baseball and basketball teams for Spotsy Parks & Rec.  I am a retired Navy Veteran and work now as a Senior Systems Engineer / Program Director for a small defense contractor in Dahlgren, VA.  I have a B.S, in Mechanical Engineering from the U.S. Naval Academy and and a M.S. in Physics from the Naval Postgraduate School.

I became involved with coaching athletics as a way to stay involved with my three children.  Being a single dad, it was important to me that my children participated in sports in every season.  There was a desperate need for coaches in the early years of my children's lives and l was strongly motivated to teach and guide not only them, but the many other young athletes I had the privilege of leading.  Later, as my kids went off to college, I felt the desire to continue as a soccer referee to fill a demand, as well as to stay involved in the community.  I have made so many good friends in RSRA (and CVSRA and CSOA) over the last 10 years and it has been my privilege to serve as an At-Large Representative for the last three years.  I have contributed to the mentoring program, scholarship committee, bylaws re-write, apparel/logo procurement/sales, and many other duties.  I would be honored to continue as a member of the RSRA Board for another term.