David Brandao

For the past year and a half, I've served as RSRA's director of assignments. In that time, with the board's assistance, we've increased efficiency by dividing the assignors' responsibilities into specific areas: adult, scholastic and rec. Through the assignment process, we've been able to match new referees with mentors to help them develop as officials, and we would like to keep this program growing. RSRA serves not only the referees but also the schools, leagues and clubs for whom we supply officials, so it's essential to maintain strong lines of communications with these organizations' points of contact as we coordinate scheduling, referee assigning and billing. In the soccer realm, I've served as referee, assignor and coach. Beyond soccer, I have worked in management at non-profit organizations for 20+ years. From that experience, I bring a bit of insight into RSRA's operation as a business, which is also a key component of service on the RSRA board. I would be honored to serve a second term as director of assignments and would appreciate your vote.