Scott Batchelor

About me:

I am 18 years old (19 next month)
I have been a referee since fall 2015
I am have refereed in France (officiating an international U13 boys final at the club level)
I just recently graduated from Massaponax High School
I have played soccer my whole life (competitively since age 11)
I currently have aspirations to become a Regional USSF referee

Reason for running:
I want to be more involved in RSRA
I want to have more involvement in refereeing other than just officiating games
I want to help other officials progress by pushing referee development
I would love to push for more ways towards recruiting young officials

I would love to focus on referee training and advancement, this can range from new officials learning offside, to veteran officials touching up on LOTG changes every year. I believe there is more opportunity for referees within RSRA to have hands on training vs lectures. Hands on training has helped me become the referee I am today; I believe that we can educate youth referees within RSRA in a more dynamic way to ensure they enjoy their experience as a soccer referee.