Virginia High School League

The Assignor for Middle and High School games is Ken Bruette.  The Center Referee for Varsity Matches will contact all crew members not later than 24 hours prior to match time and will receive confirmation by email or phone that they will be at their assigned matches. For JV and Varsity VHSL matches, wear the VHSL patch.  New style yellow jersey is primary, green and red are alternates (black or blue can also be worn if the whole crew wears the same color).


1. Contact your crew 24 hours prior to a game to confirm the assignment.
2. You must get a game roster from each team.
3. You must inform BOTH coaches of the cause for Cautions and Reds.
4. You must email Mark Bailey a completed VHSL Ejection Report for all send offs (to include second yellow) to Mark Bailey the night of the match.
5. JV timing and lightning procedures chart for local schools.


See the VHSL Officials Guide for full Virginia specific High School rules and procedures.  Soccer specific procedures include:

1. Suspended/Interrupted Matches
VHSL Handbook 78-3-1 Suspended/Interrupted Matches – In the event a match must be suspended by the officials because of conditions which make it impossible to continue play, the officials/tournament director shall: (a) Declare it an official match if one complete half or more of the match has been played and one team is ahead; (b) At any point after completion of the first half if the score is tied, resume the match from the point of interruption unless both teams agree to the tie; (c) If less than one complete half has been played, resume the match from the point of interruption.
2. Regular Season Tie-Breaker
VHSL Handbook 78-4-2 Breaking Ties, Regular Season Play – If a tie exists in regular season play, the teams shall play two five-minute overtime periods. At the end of the first overtime period, teams shall change ends of the field. If a tie still exists, the game shall be recorded as a tie.
3. Post-Season Tie-Breaker
VHSL Handbook 78-4-3 Breaking Ties, Post-Season Play – If a tie exists during post-season play, the tie shall be broken by the Tie-Game Procedure posted on the Soccer page of the VHSL website.
4. 8-Goal Rule
VHSL Handbook 78-4-4 Eight-Goal Rule – The Eight-Goal Rule shall be in effect for all regular season, district and conference tournament matches. The Eight-Goal Rule provides that if, at any time after the mid-point of the second half of play, one team leads by eight (8) or more goals, the match shall be terminated. When schools play outside their district, the home district’s policy applies.
VHSL Handbook 78-4-4 Exception – Prior to the start of the season, District or Conference Councils may elect not to use the Eight-Goal Rule for its regular season and/or tournament matches.



Private Schools Rules

Use RSRA badge private school games.



Middle School Rules

Use RSRA badge for middle school games.