Spotsylvania Parks & Rec

The Assignor for Spotsylvania Parks & Rec League is David Brandao. The Spotsylvania Parks & Rec League is an unaffilated league that plays by modified NHFS Rules. Referees should use their RSRA badge for these games.

All referees for the Spotsylvania Parks and Rec League should review the latest version of the By-Laws (updated Fall 2020).  Rules specific to Spotsylvania Parks and Rec include, but are not limited to:

Casts, splints, or body braces made of a hard substance in its final form such as leather, rubber, plastic, plaster, or fiberglass must be covered on all exterior surfaces with no less than 1/2-inch-thick, high-density, closed-cell polyurethane, or an alternate material of the same minimum thickness and similar physical properties to protect an injury. The referee will have final say on participation.

Players who wear eyeglasses shall wear a safety strap to keep them in place.

Players who wear external hearing aids should have them fastened securely, with tape if necessary, so that they cannot be jarred loose.

The use of face/body paint is not allowed.

No jewelry or earrings shall be worn (including starter earrings). NO EXCEPTIONS. Medic Alert or religious jewelry must be taped to the body. Properly equipped players: Coaches are responsible for assuring that his/her players have proper equipment. Players and coaches should not wait for the official to declare items illegal. However, if there is doubt as to the legality of apparel and equipment, the question should be brought to the head referee’s attention for a ruling. In addition to this rule, the head referee's pre-game procedure will include a request for coaches to verify the legality of apparel and equipment.

Long hair should be secured with rubber bands and/or soft fabric head bands. Plastic head bands and barrettes are illegal to wear during the soccer game.

A team may begin a game with nine (9) players for an 11-player league, otherwise two (2) players less than a full team. Once the game has started and a team has fewer than seven (7) eligible players, the game shall be forfeited. If a player receives a red card during the game, the player may be substituted for. Teams must substitute for an injured or sick player if substitutes are available.

Games will begin as scheduled, but a five (5) minute grace period will be allowed for all games beginning at their specified times.

Teams will change goals at half time only. Play will be restarted at the beginning of each quarter with a kick-off. Team A kicks off the first and fourth quarter and Team B kicks off the second and third quarter.

If at any time during the game a team is leading by six or more goals the following criteria must be used to complete the match:

  • If a team is leading by six goals, the team ahead must play with ten players.
  • If a team is leading by seven goals, then the team ahead must play with nine players.
  • If a team is leading by eight goals, then the team ahead must play with eight players.
  • If a team is leading by nine or more goals, the team ahead must play with seven players.
  • If at any time the trailing team scores a goal, the leading team may reenter a player for the goal scored according to criteria listed. The trailing team will always play with eleven players. Playing requirements will remain in effect for all players.

Either team may substitute an unlimited number of players from the bench:
   a. between periods
   b. when a goal has been scored
   c. on a goal kick
   d. when an injured player(s) is attended to on the field (injured player(s) must be replaced)
   e. when a player is cautioned
   f. when a player is disqualified. The disqualified player(s) may be replaced
   g. when a player is required to leave the field because of communicable disease concerns.
   h. goalkeepers may now be changed at any substitution time
Exception: During a penalty kick situation:
   1) The only substitution permitted is for a player that has been injured or cautioned;
   2) a substitute entering at this time shall not take the penalty kick.
The team in possession of the ball may substitute an unlimited number of players:
   a. on a throw-in
   b. on a corner kick
The team not in possession of the ball may substitute an unlimited number of players at a throw-in or corner kick if the team in possession of the ball is substituting.

A cautioned player shall be substituted for immediately and not return until the next legal substitution opportunity.

Cancellations due to inclement weather will be announced on the cancellation line and through the Spotsy Alert Information Notification System and Arbiter. Cancellations will be placed on the cancelation line as soon as a decision is made. Listen to the announcement carefully. The cancelation line phone number is 898-8546.If weather conditions are questionable and you do not hear a cancellation announcement then you should report for your game.