Commonwealth Soccer League

All matches for this league are assigned through the Arbiter system. Please contact Ken Bruette for CSL assignments. Cancellations will be posted to Arbiter and the CSL website.  If you know you cannot make a game, please call the assignor 24 hours in advance. E-mail alone is not acceptable.


Card accumulation is tracked by CSL and can result in fines for players.  Be sure you accurately record names, numbers, teams, offenses, and times in your game reports in Arbiter.  For red card offenses, serious injuries, game abandonment, or other substantial occurrences, fill out the Supplemental Referee Report located at and submit it directly to Ken Bruette by email.  Game reporting MUST be completed by Sunday night so Ken Bruette can communicate any issues to the league Monday morning.  Remember to record ALL scorers and cards in your game report.  A good habit to get into if you do not do it already is to compare your scorers and card-winners with the roster immediately after the match.  If you have a #5 as a scorer, and there is not one on the roster, get it resolved before you and the teams leave.


You must be a USSF certified official for the current year to work CSL games. A referee must be at a minimum a Grade 7 to be a center referee and a Grade 8 to be an assistant referee in adult games. USSF Officials shall uphold USSF Law and officiate all games in accordance with FIFA Laws, except as specifically modified by the CSL. Officials are expected to look professional. The Diagonal System of Control (DSC) is to be used. Under NO circumstances shall a dual system (2-man system) of refereeing be used.


U.S. Soccer has prescribed the uniform for affiliated matches at  As shown in the picture, the new referee jersey style, and 2-stripe socks is the PRIMARY UNIFORM for CSL.  In unique situations, the old-style jersey’s and 3-stripe socks are also acceptable.  This should be the exception.  In these rare cases, our jersey styles and sock styles shall match, so if one person doesn’t have the new style, then the crew should all wear the old style.  As a last resort, we can mix styles.  Colors must always match.  A black RSRA t-shirt is the preferred warmup, but any black shirt is equally suitable. Other association or tournament logos on the shirts are okay, too.  Any logo on the shirts should be soccer related or a manufacturers logo.  An email amongst the crew at least a day prior will allow you to coordinate uniforms.  At this point in the new uniform cycle everyone should have at least a new gold jersey and a pair 2 stripe socks.  If you do not want to have these items in your kit let me know.  NOTE: THIS IS THE LAST SEASON FOR THE OLDER JERSEY STYLE IN ANY USSF AFFILIATED MATCH.  As of January 2019, the only uniform authorized for wear with USSF, and with RSRA, is the new-style jersey.


Please see the Commonwealth Soccer League website for a complete list of CSL Policies and Procedures. The excerpts below were updated the Fall of 2017.

LAWS OF THE GAME: CSL modifications to the Laws of the Game are as follows:
1. Law I – The Field of Play: Fields used by CSL shall be marked in accordance with
rental/lease agreements between CSL and the owner or managing organization.

2. Law II – Overtime Play (playoffs only): CSL will play extra time in “Golden Goal” format as follows:
     a. Preliminary rounds will be two (2) five-minute periods. If still tied, normal PK rules will apply.
     b. Finals will be two (2) 10-minute periods.

3. Law III – Player Substitution: Player substitutions are as follows:
     a. Unlimited for both teams on throw-ins, goal kicks and corner kicks.
     b. Unlimited for both teams on any kickoff.
     c. One-for-one for an injured player (injured player’s team may sub for the injured player and the opposing team may also sub for one player).
     d. A team may substitute for any yellow-carded player in the best interest of the game (i.e., in order to prevent potential problems by allowing the player a “cooling-off” period).

4. Law IV – Players’ Equipment: Teams allowing persons to violate this policy may be fined with no appeal. Offending teams will be prohibited from all remaining matches until any payments due are rendered.
     a. All players on a team, excepting the goalkeeper, shall wear like-colored numbered
     b. All players on a team, excepting the goalkeeper, shall wear like-colored shorts.
     c. All players on a team, excepting the goalkeeper, shall wear like-colored socks.
     d. All players’ jerseys shall be numbered distinctly, excepting the goalkeeper.
     e. Player numbers shall not be repeated on any player jersey for the same team.